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Mina and Carter

If you're wondering whether we work hard at Laurel Oak, just ask Mina and Carter who are often found resting from their exertions behind the Landscape Supply counter.   Mina is our Chief of Food Scavenging and is especially fond of cherry tomatoes, carrots, and whatever Rich is having for lunch.  Carter's preference is to be out in the yard hunting rabbits, birds, and lost contractors.  Don't hesitate to give these guys a pat when you visit us - you'll be helping them fulfill their duties!

Mike Tatti

Proving love affairs can last, the tenure of Mike's marriage (30 years) is surpassed only by the over 40 years he has been in the industry.  Mike started at Princeton Nursery in 1976 and subsequently worked with Kales Nursery, McNaughton's, G&G Landscaping and Northern Nurseries.  At Laurel Oak, Mike keeps the yard running smoothly. He is also a whiz with plant selection, ID, and troubleshooting.  In his spare time, Mike indulges in Italian food, reading and raising hunting dogs.  Those of you who have seen him in the yard on a busy day can probably guess that his alter ego is Mr. Krabs of SpongeBob!

Karina Istvan

A refugee from the corporate world, Karina joined Laurel Oak in 2009.  Along with serving as the Landscape Supply office manager, Karina has extensive plant knowledge and is a great resource for plant selection, problem identification and treatment.  Karina will readily trade plant tips for her favorite "cheat" food, Ruffles potato chips with French onion dip.  To help keep the chips off her hips, Karina trains MMA and takes a weekly Pilates class.

Rich Maselli, Manager

Rich joined the Laurel Oak team in 2010, coming on board to start and lead the Landscape Supply business.  With over 30 years experience in the industry, Rich is a tremendous resource on all aspects of plants, landscaping and hardscaping.  Prior to joining Laurel Oak, Rich held managerial and sales positions with Northern Nurseries, Young's Landscaping, Lipinski and McNaughton's.  Rich is a movie and sports fan and and also enjoys watching his twin daughters play lacrosse.  In addition, he enjoys fishing and camping.  With his years of experience, Rich believes he has recommended a plant to every landscaper in South Jersey.  If it's been awhile since you've seen Rich, please come in - he would love to reconnect!